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What is the NEPT-BTS P-Walk?

The ideal solution for any walking and balance related disorder. Our P-WALK is a modular plates system for the measurement and analysis of foot plantar pressure during movement as well as while standing.


The system supplies quantitative information about plantar support by calculating such parameters as surface, maximum pressure, average pressure and center of pressure.

Who is the P-walk recommended for?
  • Patients being evaluated for gait and postural disorders

  • Patients in need of orthosis, orthotic insoles, etc

  • Patients being evaluated for Parkinson’s disease and diabetic foot

  • Patients at risk of fall

How does the NEPT-BTS P-Walk work?

In order to perform the analysis the patient is asked to step on a plate and stand, in a natural and relaxed position, for the evaluation of foot contact.

The patient is then asked to walk in order to evaluate dynamics: the system records consequential step movements and elaborates the centers of pressure of each foot and for each step phase, from the back of heel to the lifting of the fore foot.

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