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Gait Lab

What is NEPT- BTS GaitLab?

Our GaitLab has been designed to supply the clinical environment with a highly technological tool for accurate, global and easy to perform gait analysis. It gives physician the quantitative and objective data needed to analyze any possible gait and postural dysfunction, load related problem and muscular insufficiency, all which would not be otherwise diagnosable by traditional clinical testing.

How does the NEPT-BTS GaitLab work?

It's easy. Our GaitLab is the only tool of its kind providing native integration of kinematics, dynamics and surface electromyography all in one device. Digital synchronization amongst all types of signals, allow clinical practitioners to evaluate, simultaneously and minute by minute, the way the patient moves joints, uses muscles and distributes energy on support surfaces, while walking.

Why use the NEPT- BTS GaitLab?

A complete walk analysis can help the therapist decide the most appropriate therapy: orthopedic surgery, botulinum toxin injections, use of orthosis or prosthesis, intrathecal therapy, etc.

Through the comparative analysis of pre and post therapy data, it is possible to evaluate quantitative and objective therapy results and improvements.

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